I overlook Dofus Arena

  • I just wanted to mention that I really miss Dofus Arena. I needed a good deal of fun and buy Kamas Dofus Retro remember playing with with this when I was younger. I think that it would be super popular given the prevalence of these kind of games, if it were to be published again. It would provide Dofus more standing in the international community. Dofus is missed and it makes me unhappy to think about that it won't ever return, god damn how fun it was. Who agrees?

    Same here! I think Ankama transformed now that match into the Krozmaga we know. I liked the first version of Dofus Arena, the one that conducted simultaneously with like 1.22 Dofus. Possessing a lobby system rather than that weird open world has been way better.I also really miss that game, even after all the years. It's a super inspiration for a match I have started making. If it comes out one day, I'll make sure to consider that this message and dm you.

    Yes I felt just like this year and I was online looking fir a server:3 there are no american ones who I discovered. In france.I feel precisely the exact same way heard there's! Its and focused pvp around. I post updates in my Twitter if you're interested. I think Waven seems a lot like a more modern version of Dofus Arena. If you've got the occasion, try it, you will like it.

    Except Waven has a deck of card kind of thing for your charms. Its 2020 and its normal but I prefered the old dofus stadium where youd select your group, then equip them and fight. No companions, deck of spells, select weapon who changes passives ect.No. Dofus Arena was a mess that is balanced and as much as I had fun with it back in the days, I don't think it would hold up nowadays.

    I am all for a pvp-centric game similar to Dofus Arena was but I feel a whole lot of you are wondering just how much it was plagued by people playing the exact same precise setup because it is what worked well. Customisation was and it did not even hold around Dofus's battle system back not to say anything about how flexible its present iteration is. I believe that they should simply add a pvp-server to dofus where everyone starts at max level and Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro can find any things in Dofus for free and mage it the way they want (the theorical maximum, not to infinity and beyond).