Just going to vote poll even if it's content RuneScape

  • So basically you all thought it was such a good idea for people to buy RS gold be playing two customers at once which you created a new game mode to incentivize it further? Getting real tired of the. I need 2 accounts to enjoy pvm and pvp in my pure, this? We'll be receiving better servers or some fix to the current issue on the machine or should we expect to DC every hour on the hour when we play RuneScape mode as well, cause the servers right now are pure crap. I frankly don't see why their are game modes such as HCIM where even though its not the consumers fault they still drop Hardcore status even though it was a result of a JAGEX server dc. I mean end users should have a expectation that the item has been preserved correctly. Just going to vote poll even if it's content.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the future Gains Blog. The Benefits System might provide more insight as to why it will be well worth playing even if you can only play for a couple hours per day. Absolutely no rewards on RuneScape for enjoying alternative game modes. Such as the only difference here is that you login to someplace else to play the minigame due to the restrictions, isn't that essentially what minigames are though. If this was a minigame in world in which you play and visit some different area would it then be fine?

    I agree. There is no basic difference between a minigame like Castle Wars and an"alternative game-mode" like Leagues. The largest issue with some thing similar to Leagues is arguably that it's seasonal, which may make the rewards unattainable after a particular time, which I can see people taking issue with. Castle Wars doesn't go away or begin after a particular length of time. I can agree with that being an issue, not a lover of unobtainable things if you missed the opportunity. If individuals are tradeable Jagex is basically producing new discontinued items in Old School.

    This seems really cool! Though I'm a bit unsure about makeup carrying over to RuneScape if they are only accessible if you attain a'high score in the leagues'. For alot of gamers that this is out of reach, also I would hate to see people missing out because of the spare time they have. I hope everybody has a chance to acquire these cosmetic benefits in RuneScape. Other than that, I am curious! The cosmetics we offer in RuneScape will be detailed in a future blog, but I am expecting them to all be tradeable. This means may still buy them from other people.

    Please read the nested comments. I don't care how hard it is for ironmen. I am not talking about catering to a market. I am making sure no one-time uniques are made because (1) stopped rares aren't great for the economy, (2) it hurts completionists and now every item is actually accessible on fresh accounts, no matter how obscenely rare (close impossible! I do not care if they are tradable or runescape gold 2007 when ironmen will have a more difficult time doing challenges. That's what I signed up for. Thanks.