As soon as I purchased NBA 2K for my brother

  • You have issues with locker codes which made it impossible to nba 2k20 mt coins get the Kobe card required for challenges you released and no one on your team aided or understood how to solve the issue but your player base did???? You need to really evaluate your staff and consider hiring dedicated gamers to help correct, evaluation, and medium your sport. As a player who is purchased every 2K since 07 and puts tens of thousands of hours in each year on NBA 2K I feel as though I can speak for everyone once I say YOU CONTINUALLY FAIL US AS A COMPANY AND NEED TO CHANGE!

    Also should you do begin taking player opinion please stop/don't only look to the youtubers for advice. That's not your community, they are not and content creators specialists of NBA 2K. (I.e. not just the my livelihood tubers or the package opening tubers). Please consider acquiring seasoned players who understand the intricacies of their preceding and current games. Those people who research NBA 2K in each facet and work to learn every manner. Please think about this, we need NBA 2K to be the very best it could possibly be but all the forums, subreddits, and stations are full of people pointing out how many flaws your organization has when it comes to NBA 2K we love so much.

    Also pack chances, I never purchase packs made a decision to invest 89.99 and got the extra Vc. I mean I shoulda known right. But if you spend an extra 100 dollars on a game that cost me 60 bucks you would think I'd find an opal. However, no I got roughly 5 diamond batums, and a great deal of useless cards plus a ton of Ricky Rubio. It absolutely does not make sense whatsoever to me it's why every year I get a refund once I purchase vc because it's such a scam. But sadly if article yours don't get detected. Nothing will change.

    Spent 200k VC I'd earned through. Got 2 amethyst Spudwebbs along with a Diamond Westbrook. Worth about 12K MT total. What a joke I did not provide $50 for the VC to these bandits. I can't imagine any individual keeps snapping packs. They are harnessing people with gambling issues at the expense of NBA 2K mode.I've been an advocate for many years on end loot packs or boxes. Exchanging real money for a gaming system and damaging to the youth that can't conceptualize what money is. And that is exactly who those are geared towards. Maybe hypocritical but I feel like vc trades for livelihood players is okay while as packs is not. At least with career there is an exchange rate for all those transactions.

    I myself have been a warrior the past two years. The evos they added were a brilliant idea to make up for those of use who only play 2K and eager to grind out the absurd reqs but even when buying packs it appears to be a scam to not include card odds. As soon as I purchased NBA 2K for my brother I also got him a 50$ voucher for vc and also the finest he got from the packs back in February was amyth KD and a heating check lebron (which is completely useless now because they reset heat players into first rating due to league suspension). This type of sham and they have even been caught paying youtubers to open packs with all the conspiracy being they manually tweaked their accounts chances, although idk if that's true. But yeah if you're gont go this path of cheap nba 2k20 mt buying packs afterward 200$ at the top of 60-100$ match based on what edition you got is shameful but they can get away with it.