The simple answer is PSO2

  • You'd see you are incorrect to say that I am the sole mentioning anything about PSO2 Meseta for sale scheming, if you could be bothered to browse through this thread. If I had seen it I would not have used that selection of phrase ; nothing I've said is an exaggeration. Even you're suggesting that Microsoft is lying, and nobody else"even knows if it is actually coming", if SEGA has recently reiterated it's still on track for Spring. Nobody is saying PC players are entitled to desire more information. You seem extremely qualified If you guys start saying Microsoft is lying to you or Phil Spencer just wants to market XBL Gold.

    The simple answer is, they are not currently answering a great deal of questions and they left it an xbox exclusive. They won't say it will be until PC is allowed to play and that's the thing as of right now, the beta is for Xbox players. They are not running an open beta just to test servers and such, they do it so people will buy an xbox and xbox live to play the sport. This is advertising 101, and people are mad.

    Why are people angry that it is a timed exclusive for Xbox? Well that is because they have not declared an end date to the exclusive. So wait and PC players are left to sit in the dark. They have also declared that open beta advancement will roll. PC players could be set back 3 to 4 weeks behind xbox players, which for a MMO that was cross-play is a bad thing for your community.

    This timed exclusive also has exclusive things, a few of which were given out as we were advised to go out and purchase an xbox or miss out on the opportunity for exclusive products for the test, which is unfair to PC players. Ontop of that apparently the beta test advancement is also currently rolling over to the open beta test, which rolls into launch. Again placing behind Xbox players.

    Why not just go buy an Xbox and play with with the beta once it starts and then change to PC? Since some people have no cash removing the Covid 19 thing, not all people have the capability to go to the shop and drop $150 on an xbox then cover Xbox Live, simply not to be excluded. Some people do not wish to invest the money simply because they won't ever pick up an Xbox again after release, which is a massive waste of buy PSO2 Meseta money, and there's also the simple fact that the Xbox will launch this year (from what I have heard), meaning that their new xbox is going to be much more useless.