I want some food to cure though RuneScape

  • Stone spirits in themselves are not for OSRS gold balancing the economy, a terrible idea, but it must come along with scale revamps of how skilling plays. Also I realize that I probably came on somewhat hot, but I feel that this sub drops into when speaking it since they are unrewarding and also a waste of time. Since skilling is so dull, we shouldnt rebalance resource market from PvM. Neither is a problem When both are fixed by us.Since I have never had more than maybe like 3 million gold at any 1 time, I also try to save money by processing things myself, like cutting oaks and getting them cut to planks at the wc guild rather than purchasing planks off the ge. I like this gets instead of buying oak logs from ge me experience. Once I unlock lunar charms however I could increase the efficiency, and that would train wc AND magic. I love every skill complements every ability and you are able to go in an endless cycle of gaining exp from many sorts of tasks. Like, I will farm exp in the motherlode, then take my ores to blast furnace to process them. Then I will turn the metals and buy feathers to place on them. (and chop wood and whittle it if I am producing them arrowtips)

    Now I have a metric fuckton of mithril arrows(I will probably switch to darts after I get around to finishing tourist trap). In addition, I get a lot of gold and stone to make into jewellery. These get enchantments then are offered for gold. The arrows are sold by me ge also, and use the gold to buy planks in the wc guild from the oaks I cut. I will swing by ardy and pick a few knights real quick if I require cash to reach the level I need. I then grind out building together with the ol' butler bringing me my planks from the bank, and now I can construct a new piece of furniture that aids me in training another skill, like a marble lectern, or a portal nexus tuned to salve graveyard so that I can easily access to a fairy ring for transport/swamp lizards to get hunter/machzna for coaching slayer between every tenth job (which I get from konar, for max points).

    Oh, I want some food to cure though. Time to cook and fish. And, back to slaying. I am getting raw materials and a gold as drops out of my slayer goals. Oh look, a few ranaar seeds. Time to farm over at the plot. Get a few herbs to make into high grade pots. And may do the rounds while I'm at it. Maybe I'll go do an agility class for a cooldown from all this running, or possibly do wintertodt to get raw resources and fire exp. And got the message to get Tears of Guthix. Time for my Runecrafting.

    Fish(swords/tuna, some sharks, lobsters)[lvl 79], ores(anything ML provides me[lvl 85], maybe some gold or iron on the side if I would like to make steel or jewellery), yews if I am not cutting logs for bamboo planks, sometimes I will find a few magic logs, but they feel like they take too long to be worth it at my level [76], my farming is [lvl 67], my thieving is [78], along with my own rc is [lvl49]. I believe that is all the"collecting" skills. I guess slayer and hunter might be with creature drops. That is [lvl 62], and also my hunter is [52]. My battle skills are around 65 or so, and I'm level 84 battle.

    Since it's one of my favourite skills, Remember I'm constantly sinking my gold into structure and I want a house that seems fine. I also skip the middleman and process because I'm squeezing exp from them 24, those tools that sell for a lot. SureI make bank and could sell my ore, but if I want to level my smithing I would just need to purchase some ore down the line. Might as well squeeze every ounce of exp and then sell rings of enchantment for a little less, then invest that on skills that I can not collect for myself. Because I could get about 1 or 2 levels, when I get over a million or 750k I convert it into walnut planks. Making planks makes it easy to buy runescape 3 gold compute just how much gold I need per level, since it's always 250 gold each 60 exp.