Path of Exile: The next expansion will add mechanisms, loot and

  • The free online action role-playing game'' will be newly expanded before the end of June 2020. The reward package called "Harvest" will bring new mechanics to the game, loot (including old comments) and POE Currency. The last factor especially affects the PC version.

    The Grinding Gear Games team will also include the Vulkan API as an option. Khronos Group's software reduces power consumption, which means that CPU and GPU resources can be used more evenly. More precisely, before June 19th, people who use computers to play games will also be extended a few days in advance. Meanwhile, console gamers must wait until June 24 to discover all news on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    "Harvest" also uses new Warsong gems: 4 skills and 1 assist. In addition, three existing battle sounds have been redesigned. This is how they explained to the same developer: "A while ago, we thought It is best to conduct an overall balance assessment, focusing on two-handed weapons and a "slower but more powerful" game style. When we explore the best way to achieve this goal, it is clear that improving the fighting cry skills will ultimately be very helpful. "

    The first step is to define what the call for war should be and what function it should fulfill: release the explosion wave to provoke the enemy. Apply rewards or punishments, the strength of which depends on nearby enemies. Use special attributes to optimize (or "enhance") your next attack.

    "We have also modified the mechanism of "near enemies" to illustrate the power of these enemies. In the old system, compared to a single leader, the five little monsters gave Warcry the gain multiplied by five. This felt wrong. Now, the new system takes magic, rare and unique enemies into account in proportion to their power, so that your battle cry can be more effectively upgraded for the content you face. Currently, the system treats ordinary monsters as For a monster, think of two magic monsters, ten magic monsters, and twenty unique monsters."

    "Path of Exile" was launched for computers in 2013, and had previously spent no less than three years in different trial periods. Until 2017, Xbox One reached the console version, and did not wait until two years before it was released on PlayStation 4. "Harvest" will be the eleventh expansion of the game, and through Buy POE Currency to achieve better results.

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