NBA 2K21 secret is decoded

  • 2K sent out coding packages to some popular influencers on Monday as part of the first wave of hype that led to the release of NBA 2K21. Soon after, an influential person in NBA 2K used his talents. He shared the content behind the censored content of the 2K21 trailer/invitation letter/news package distributed on Monday. Even if we don’t watch the trailer, we should know that NBA 2K20 MT Coins will be a very important auxiliary item whether it is a new version or an old version. Players who need it can buy it on GameMS, which is safe and cheap.

    Obviously, 2K wants gamers to find words under the band. If not, they will not package it and send it.

    "Big Stage", "Aerodynamics", "Energy", "Their Night", "Destroy It", "Buzzer" and "Game" may have some potential meanings, which will be revealed later.

    One area where slight peaks may appear behind the scenes is the "G" reference. Many gamers have been asking to join the G League. It sounds like this is the direction we use this reference book.

    This may be a good addition to MyCareer, especially if it is included in MyLeague and MyGM.

    Finally, all the words revealed are used to attract 2K fans about the breadcrumbs of the upcoming release.

    The undisclosed area is the new name of "neighbor".

    Shown as "Edited" under the strip. In this context, the word only means the following:

    "Hide or delete (confidential part of text) before publishing or distributing, or check (text) for this purpose."

    That's the highest-level troll, but it's part of the quality of the gaming brand from crazy to addictive.

    I want to say, let the game begin, but obviously they have already started. The cover athletes will be announced in July. Maybe that will be the next time we receive specific information about the game. At this time, all we can do is to Buy NBA 2K20 MT Coins on GameMS and make full preparations for the upcoming version.