I think people underestimate how significant EoC is OSRS gold

  • I think people underestimate how significant EoC is OSRS gold, and was to some lesser extent, its own first implementation was botched but Runescape game would be crap without it. Happy it came, remained, and is still worked to some degree.Why is it important? It pushed away a large chunk of this Runescape playerbase. No one was leaving because combat wasn't updated, since it was but tons left. It is one huge reason OSRS is indeed powerful (even moreso than EoC nowadays ), because they basically nullified all of the terrible changes which were produced from 2007 onward.

    Since Runescape game was already massively stagnating and we would have no of the enjoyable pvm experiences that exist today with no. It pushed Runescape players away because it was executed and took some time to bring up to snuff, by which time people had given up on Runescape match until school came about. Runescape might be less popular than older school, but it is a much better game due to EoC, and it goes to zero with no.

    I want to run an idea past 16, since your seem like someone who likes eoc. (In my opinion eoc feels like ability spam, especially pre revo). Starting from preexisting eoc, what if rather than making it ability junk there was a smaller number of skills and they acted as nutritional supplements into your next strike, maintaining attack speed (probably make defensive instantaneous but delay your assault such as eating). I'm thinking maintain thresholds, and adrenaline but not all the skills but I'm not certain what was actually needed for all those supervisors.

    This could let them include the harm and usefulness abilities Runescape players would require for bossing, but might keep more of the classic rs texture while being disruptive to the community. Genuinely want to buy rs3 gold know whether it's possible to see problems with that, I play RS3 but I don't do high level so I am essentially asking for a sanity check in case you understand or do the directors that want eoc, bossing.