Path of Exile 3.11 planted some seeds with harvest expansion

  • Almost every game company is affected by one or more of the continuous spread of COVID-19. Although New Zealand is one of the countries least affected by viruses, it turns out Grinding Gear Games is no exception. Because the country is blocked, the team works mainly at home. However, despite the current events, Path of Exile's latest expansion is still on a relative track. On Tuesday, Grinding Gear unveiled the next major update to the dungeon crawler, "Path of Exile: Harvest."

    For many Path of Exile players, Harvest will be one of the most ambitious expansions in the game to date. In the new expansion, players will encounter a new NPC named Oshabi, Azmeri eliminated this character, he condemned superstition activities. Oshabi believes in the power of this land and its potential, especially after the discovery of the ancient holy forest, but as long as the power of the holy bush is fully utilized, she can help players who need it to cultivate soil.

    Harvest will see players encountering magical roots during the game. These roots will point them to the "seed cache" and some special seeds will be generated when marking. After laying down the life collector, these seeds can be planted in the holy bush. Players can then find other seed caches to collect more seeds. The tag seed cache can also help the passage of time, so that the seeds that have been sown can grow by one unit.

    So what are these seeds used for? Well, the simplest level 1 seeds will release monsters of wild, primitive or vivid varieties. Defeating those monsters will collect Path of Exile Currency and their vitality, which can then be used to create new powerful items. That is the simplest player, but what if you want to become more complicated?

    Harvest's most novel idea is that it allows players to perform complex garden layouts, such as temporary Sim City or Cities: Skylines. Players are likely to perform this operation to activate the level 2 seed, which is sometimes dropped by level 1 monsters. To hatch monsters on the second floor, players must arrange specific seed colors for their garden and arrange them next to each other. These level 2 seeds must also be properly irrigated, so players will need to build a dispenser and connect it to the condenser and their garden through pipes. If this is not enough, the layer 2 monster will occasionally drop the layer 3 seed, which has greater requirements for growth. The higher the level, the more difficult the monster will encounter. Players can grow up to 48 plants at once, which means they can process 48 Harvest monsters at the same time. Be careful to bite more than you can chew because you must be able to defeat monsters before you can collect their Path of Exile Currency and rewards.

    To date, the newly expanded Harvest is expected to push the most advanced production system to Path of Exile. Although fans of city builders can enjoy this expansion's emphasis on experimentation, Grinding Gear has not alienated any of its participants. The idea behind this alliance is to give players more control over their craft, rather than relying on random drops. Members of the Path of Exile 2 development team also helped with this expansion, and GGG hopes to bring players a future idea. POE 2 developers provide assistance with Harvest monster design, so please consider the visual future of the next Path of Exile.

    Finally, after extensive expansion, Path of Exile's requirements for PC users have increased. This is why players can use Harvest to get the Beta version of Path of Exile's new Vulkan renderer. The Vulkan renderer has changed the resource management of the game, and can better control the resource management of game assets during the rendering process. This should help correct any stuttering issues related to DirectX 11.

    Path of Exile: Harvest is tentatively scheduled to be released on PC on June 19, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users should be available on June 22. During this period, IGGM will provide the highest quality POE Currency. Players can click on their official website if they are interested.