Path Of Exile: Harvest adds city buildings to action RPG

  • On Tuesday, Grinding Gear Games revealed Path Of Exile's summer expansion: harvest. The bumper harvest provides players with the opportunity to build their own gardens and build a complex network of irrigation machinery within the holy forest. But as an action role-playing game, when the player goes to harvest, the seeds of the plant will become active. Path Of Exile: Harvest will launch on PC on June 19, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released this week on June 22. If players are worried about not finding the right POE Currency when the new season comes, you can bookmark the IGGM website in advance and they will give you the best advice.

    In Path Of Exile: Harvest, once the harvest begins, players will randomly encounter seed caches in the world-the magical roots will lead the trend, and there is a seed cache hidden in each area. When the player interacts with the seed cache, it will discard a large number of different seeds. Then, the new NPC Oshabi provides players with a trip to the sacred jungle.

    Regarding seeds, players should also note that each seed has a monster associated with it: there are wolf seeds, ape seeds, scorpion seeds, etc. Opening the seed cache somewhere in the world can increase the time in your garden by one unit. Players can plant them in the holy grove, some simple seeds only need time to grow, and more advanced seeds also require some complex resources. This is where Path Of Exile changed from an action RPG to a miniature city builder.

    In the middle of each pack of seeds, the player should build a collector. When players go to harvest plants and fight monsters in them, the collector will use the vitality of the seeds. Players can use Lifeforce in several ways, mainly to create powerful new effects on their equipment.

    But Lifeforce can only go so far in making craftsmanship, and players almost always have some left. This is where the system becomes complicated. Some seeds require Lifeforce to start growing from lower-level seeds. Harvest provides wild, primitive and vivid seed types, each creating their own vitality. In order to plant stronger seeds, players need to connect irrigation lines from their collectors to other seed blocks.

    By completely customizing each set of seeds, players can choose which enemies they want to fight and which production rewards they will get from the encounter. Players can harvest 48 seeds at a time, some of which can hold more than one monster. But failure to fight means that you will lose vitality, so players need to be prepared to take some difficult actions.

    After obtaining level 3 seeds, players can sometimes fight one of the 3 boss seeds. The studio is making fun of a mysterious, extremely difficult Tier 4 seed. Once Harvest is released, players need to discover it themselves.

    Grinding Gear Games said it wants to ensure that the system is complicated for players who want to get new gameplay from Path Of Exile, while also recognizing that others are not interested in this kind of micro-management. The studio has established a system that works on both types of players. Devout builders can create incredible, ubiquitous gardens, while others occasionally ignore their gardens without any punishment. But the goal of "Holy Grove" is production, and "Grinding Gear Games" hopes to focus on throwing new POE Items to every player like every league.

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