Terrain transforming my Animal Crossing island into a disaster

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons provides players with a paradise, but I mistakenly thought of my personal Eden.

    Two things happened and they overlapped in a terrible way. First, I decided to delve into the terrain options of the game. With "New Horizons", you can fully customize the island and adjust the shape of the cliffs and waters as needed. I moved on and decided it was best to use a blank canvas, so I leveled everything. No water, no cliff. Just plain grass and occasional trees, so I can pick and sell fruits.

    When I closed the waterway and turned to look at my flat island, I realized that I was dry. Terraforming is a slow and critical process. Clearing the island is a very simple task that took several hours. Now, I must back up all.

    On the downside, elaborate areas make up about 15% of our island. The rest is just a cluster. In the flat wasteland, houses are everywhere, without rhythm. The only thing you might encounter is an orange tree or a random orchard. It seems too bad, now I have to use my imagination to re-implement all of them again and again. In this economy? You may be thinking, oh, it's not bad. Kas, you just need to think of your island as a garden of endless opportunities. In addition to ... I also plunged my island into an eternal night.

    I woke me up very early in the morning on my husband ’s birthday, when he happened to use Animal Crossing Items to buy carrots worth 1.7 million bells in time. I built a ramp that can lead to our rustic little dwelling, but it takes a day to see it complete. Therefore, by the next morning, the slope was completed. awesome!

    When my husband's birthday carrot went online, I traveled foolishly and selfishly. Now, if I do n’t risk losing huge investments, I wo n’t be able to return home. So now, when I wake up in the morning, the sun sets on my animals across the island. All day long, I was in a dark night and an empty island.

    It will take me at least a few days to get my island back on track. All of these can be repaired. I have not fully supported myself. But for now, my island is a disaster. I cannot log in during the lunch break, lest I be processed immediately after leaving the house. You will find that in my attempt to create a blank canvas to depict my vision, I inadvertently created the perfect spawning conditions for the tarantula. And there are no obstacles, so they found me from 400 miles away, hone my ass like the coming train.

    I am also constantly disoriented, because there are few landmarks on my barren and sad island. Even the music playing at 3am in the game is sad. It has some plucked notes, a continuous but quiet snare, and some very dumb horn sounds. It's like the soundtrack knows my countless fools and laughs quietly at me. Now I can only Buy Animal Crossing Bells at IGGM to save my island. Although it is within the controllable range, I still feel very anxious and hope to change the current situation as soon as possible.