Madden 20 simulation: Ravens defeated the Eagles in the third

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    For the first time since the opener, the Ravens were forced to win with poor offense. In the end, their defense was enough for them to win for the sixth consecutive time, thus starting this season.

    In Philadelphia, they were not at home for the third consecutive game. The Ravens and Eagles had only two total points in the first three quarters. The Ravens barely beat the Hawks in the fourth quarter, winning 17-14 in the final second.

    The Ravens have a 6-0 record and can not only compete for the third consecutive division title, but also compete for the top seed in the AFC playoffs. This is the sixth week. Just like Lamar Jackson, so does the Ravens' offense. When facing the powerful Eagles defense in Week 6, both of them performed very hard.

    Thankfully, for the Ravens, Mark Ingram stood up in multiple ways, combining 192 scuffle yards and a touchdown. Jackson's two interceptions were the only mistakes of the day, but since the Ravens never took out, they were again among the mistakes.

    The Ravens beat the Hawks in the afternoon and have more time to control the ball, but turnovers are the most important. Not only did Ravens work hard to protect football this season, they made multiple mistakes in more than half of the games, and although the defense was strong, it did not return the ball to normal.

    Teams that have lost turnover due to multiple losses have become more difficult to win. In week 6, even if the crows were at the top, they played with fire. The Crow ’s biggest advantage as a defense is obviously secondary, but their running defense is not too bad. The top seven strode forward in Philadelphia, holding the Hawks duo Myers Sanders and Boston Scott, which totaled 70 yards during 26 sprints in the game.

    Baltimore's defense will reach the range that secondary opponents can afford, but for them, knowing running defense is sometimes very savvy, which is very helpful to them. Similarly, in the game, players who want to get excellent results can also buy cheap and safe MUT 20 Coins in the online store, which is more conducive to subsequent development.