Pittsburgh Cavaliers team up with Pittsburgh Steelers to hos

  • In the next few days, the "Celebrity Crazy Championship" will be held, and the Pittsburgh esports team Knights will provide fans with the opportunity to participate in the popular EA sports football game with their favorite Steelers. This Pittsburgh Cavaliers and Pittsburgh Steelers teamed up to host a unique online game tournament, which is highly anticipated by everyone. The best way for players is to find the best position on the sofa and pick up your controller.

    All the contestants need is Xbox, controller and game Madden 20. Amateur tournaments are open to the public, and those who participate in the Sunday finals can compete with the Pittsburgh Steelers and may win some money. Just as players will win MUT Coins when playing games, these games will also have rewards.

    "If you win, you will play with some celebrities and some Steelers, so we will continue to reorganize some celebrities when they enter, so now we have some Steelers players and Taylor Gang of Wiz Khalifa ( Taylor Gang) member, James O'Connor, the president and founder of their Cavaliers. "This is a huge peak, I mean that some of our game development partners have gained almost They are twice that. . I have established connections with people digitally, so this is not new to me, but it is new to many people. Therefore, it is very important that we can help them stay in touch and stay in touch. "

    There are also free Steelers merchandise for you to snap up, and the important thing is that there are opportunities for virtual transactions in difficult times. I think Gamems can provide you with such trading opportunities. Their website will always provide players with cheap and safe Madden Coins. I think there will be a website that will satisfy you.