Detail Information about Nutribullet 600 vs 900

  • Nutribullet 600 and 900 are two of the most powerful blenders’ names in the Nutri series. Nutribullet 600 is also called the original Nutribullet blender, and Nutribullet is also called the Nutri Pro Blender. It is a little difficult to compare them because these two have almost the same features. Yet they have some differences and this guide is all about this. I’ve reviewed Nutri 600 and 900 and I’m going to cover the main features of these two Nutri Blenders.


    Here is the quick glance of Nutri 600 and 900 -


    Features                                   Nutribullet 600                             Nutribullet 900

    Motor Power                              600 watts                                    900 watts

    Colors                                       Comes with two colors                 Comes with eleven different colors

    Blade                                        Stainless steel                             Stainless steel

    Versatile Use                              Yes                                             Yes

    Cup Capacity                              24-oz                                          32-oz

    Speed Setting                            One-touch blending                      One-touch blending

    Material                                     BPA-free plastic                            BPA-free plastic

    Warranty                                   1-year limited warranty                 1-year limited warranty


    Differences and Similarities of Nutribullet 600 Vs 900

    If you want to add nutrient-packed drinks or food to lead a healthy life, you should buy a Nutri blender. Nutribullet blenders are the best of all the blenders in the industry to keep the whole nutrition of the veggies or fruits or anything you make. The following are differences and similarities between Nutri 600 and 900, so let’s discuss...

    Blending Power

    The blending power of Nutri 600 and 900 is the main difference between these two. Nutri 600 can generate 600W motor power while Nutri 900 is slightly powerful than the original Nutri blender. That means the 900 model is the best to crush ice or other tough items quicker than the 600 models.

    For the fast blending properties, you can choose the Nutri 900 for your kitchen.


    Nutri 600 and 900 have the same blades on the blender - the blades are stainless steel made that can blend the toughest items into nutrition smoothies, shakes or nut butter. Since they are the same in the blade, you can get either 600 or 900.

    Speed Setting

    Using the Nutri blenders is super easy, it has the one-touch feature that makes it convenient for use. Both blender’s speed setting is the same that offers easy use - to use these two Nutri blenders, add the items to the cups and attach the cups to the motor base and press the button. Once your blending is done, turn off the blender.

    Pitcher Capacity

    Here is another difference between these two Nutri Blenders - Nutri 600 comes with one 24-oz cup, on the flip side, Nutri 900 comes with two 32-oz cups. Also, the cups are easy to carry, you can take the cups on the go.

    If you want two cups, choose the Nutri Pro blender.

    Versatile Use

    Soups, smoothies, shakes, frozen desserts, dips, dressings, baby foods, dairy milk items - you can make a whole different item in both Nutri blenders. But the Nutri Pro is slightly powerful so it can give you a fast blending experience.

    Hassle-free clean

    Many people do not like to clean a blender as it is such a hassle. But no worry, Nutri 600 and 900 provide hassle-free clean, in fact, some users claim that cleaning a Nutri blender is like a dream. Twist off the blades, and wash it with soap and water, now rinse. That’s all you have to do.


    Nutri Pro 900 is more powerful than Nutri 600 models so it is a little pricey. But the price is worth paying, a high-speed blender can give fast blending which is very convenient in terms of the kitchen. Nutri 600 is less expensive, if you have any budget issue, you can choose this one.

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    Both Nutri blenders can provide you the best blending, yet Nutri 900 is a little powerful. If you are not on the budget, Nutri Pro should be your choice. Nutri 600 also has almost the same features and benefits, and little expensive - this will save some money, which is the best for the tight budget people.