Path of Exile: Construction Deadeye the Wanderer

  • Compared to remote characters in games like Path of Exile, for example, when using melee spawning, a different experience is guaranteed. Long-range combat allows you to build as many characters as possible in the offense to cause the most damage, but this requires proper practice and not a measure that non-productive players should not take. In this chapter, we introduced a construct that focuses on long-range combat and causes significant damage. If you want to try in the game, you can Buy POE Orbs at, able to prepare enough materials as fast as possible.

    Due to its position on the passive skill tree, Ranger is the best class to create this build. Building this role based on another class can be difficult, so in this case, you need to focus on the Ranger class.

    In this case, these functions are used to: Maximize the damage-a large number of buffs are used for long-range attacks and use of weapons, enabling the character to deal with amazingly high damage. The chance of a critical strike is high-construction is focused on causing critical strikes, which is why skills are spread to provide the best opportunity to produce this effect, mainly when using bows and arrows. Improved bow and arrow This build is based on fighting with bows and arrows. 5 places to place gems-they allow you to make other adjustments to the building according to your needs, adding offensive or defensive value.

    For this build to work, the following must be found:

    Bow-It is worth looking for a bow with increased elemental damage parameters, as it will greatly affect the damage caused by the character. The best option is to strengthen the ability to shoot bows and arrows (+1 gem-set gem level and +2 gem-set gem level) because this will bring great benefits to the skill. For the socket, you need 3 green, 2 red and 1 blue.
    The quiver should provide the highest possible elemental damage bonus, multiplied the global crit, and the attack speed and movement speed will also be very valuable.
    Torso Armor-If you manage to get a bow and arrow with 6 slots, using Torso Armor is fine. Therefore, it is worth a visit to find unique armor-like "Komm's Heart" that will increase the damage value, or "Queen of the Forest" will greatly enhance the character's resistance.
    Helmet-Helmet with 2 green, 1 blue, and 1 red socket. The unique copy deserves Devoto's dedication, and it harmonizes well with the forest queen or Starkonja's head armor.
    Gloves-4 green sockets. The most important here are the parameters, which improve accuracy (accuracy), dodge (evasion level), and attack speed (attack speed).
    Shoes-2 green and 2 red nests. The most important thing on shoes is to increase the speed of movement, the resistance bonus, and the chance of dodge.

    The requirements for the above items are relatively complex. can provide players with the fastest speed, and if you Buy POE PS4 Orbs at, players will enjoy the lowest price.