Path of Exile Delirium Extension 2020 March 13

  • People always think. When you are upset about real life and start to break the worldview, as you continue to explore the meaning of people until you break that mirror, you finally find that "Everyone here knows everything about you, everyone is pretending to be ... "

    New Misty Dungeon, Deli Orb, Clustered Gems, Dominance Tree Expansion, Atlas Updates Again, Four New Skill Gems and Three New Auxiliary Gems and Powerful New Poe Currency Items are waiting for your discovery. Face the fear on March 13! It's time to Buy POE Currency and get ready to meet new challenges.

    Delirium plot

    During the deli season, you will encounter a "magic mist". The misty erosion will not only bring many new boss battles, but the existing enemies will also gain fierce power. These terrible monsters lurk in rare and legendary monster groups.

    Delirium Mirror

    Dig deep into Delirium's mirror, find SIMULACRUM SPLINTER, and combine them to generate Simulacrum. It will open a portal and survive the final encounter with Delirium.

    Delirium Orbs

    Use Deli on the atlas map to control the power of control. Under the influence of Orb, you can make the entire map instantly become a country of Delirium for the duration. This also results in players getting a quick boost by Buy POE Currency. A single orb can produce challenging encounters, and five orbs (up to five) can give a map of final difficulty and final rewards.

    Passive Skill Tree

    Placing clustered gems in the external gem slot of the passive skill tree can expand the passive skill tree. You can also make mods and enhance the talents generated, and gain abilities from 280 new famous characters. You can even connect other sockets for deeper nesting. With the introduction of advantage classes, custom Poe 3.10 builds have significant improvements!

    Atlas Changes

    In the Atlas map of Delirium, the conqueror will meet after completing five maps. Simultaneously. The reintroduced Sextant can be upgraded to 3 in 1. It creates additional incentives to reach higher levels of awakening, improves the Vaal side area in the map, improves the Atzoatl temple, etc.