Path of Exile: Delirium to be released next week

  • Incredible free expansion dungeon crawler gets more content! When you touch Deli's Mirror, your worst nightmare comes to life as reality turns into mist. The Path of Exile: Delirium will be released on PC on March 13th and then enter PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week.

    The new Delirium League is full of new skills, improved quality of life, changes to the skill tree, new unique items, and endgame changes for sufficiently skilled players. It offers more addictive risk/reward mechanisms, makes the game replayable, and like other updates to the game, it will be completely free. you also can choose to pay, it is also a very good choice when Buy POE Currency Xbox.

    One disadvantage of Delerium is that it can be added to every event encountered. It can be triggered around ambush safes and betrayal encounters to increase difficulty and rewards. The example shown to me is King of Saltwater in Act 6. Not only is he more powerful, but he occasionally cracks with very creepy effects and bounces Delirium Horror to attack you.

    Delirium introduces various monster modifiers, a new set of bosses and other rare and unique enemies, as well as new abilities, items, and gems. The new Delirium Cluster Jewels will expand your passive skill tree, and you can now perform old encounters under the influence of Delirium, which will increase the difficulty and greatly increase rewards.  If you can't get new rewards directly through the challenge, you can also Buy POE Currency to achieve the goal, will help you well.

    The important part about skills is finding ways they can interact. For Delirium, there are many new auxiliary gems, including a new skill called Blade Blast. you have been able to use other skills to create blades, and Blade Blast allows you to blow them up. You can also use these gem skills to animate these leaves, or make the leaves fall from the sky for more explosive fun. Combining these gems can radically change the way your blade works in this latest update, and the Path of Exile always encourages experimentation.