Path of Exile: February 25 3.10.0 Expansion Announcement

  • Grinding Gear Games set a timetable for the Path of Exile in the next few weeks through news posted on the game forums, and the next league is coming. The next expansion and challenge alliance is scheduled to be released on March 13. Get ready for your sprint for the next season, Buy POE Currency PS4 on to help you improve your strength faster.

    The studio arranged an official performance for this new league at 9 pm on February 25th. At the same time, a new Patron Pack collection will appear on the PC and replace existing Packs. For console gamers, this replacement will take place when the league exits, which is "a priori on Friday, March 13th." As a result, the Metamorph Alliance will exit on PC on March 9 and then on PS4 and Xbox One about a week later. It's unknown whether the mechanics will be integrated into the base game, but the answer will also be given in the "Development Manifesto" next week.

    Last week, Grinding Gear Games pointed out that its latest Path of Exile expansion will be announced in the coming weeks. Now, it has been confirmed in a recent forum post that the 3.10.0 extension announcement is scheduled to be released at midnight PST on February 25. The developer's goal is to release on March 13, PST.

    There is currently no confirmed release date, which will be confirmed by next week's release. PC players can expect some new league support packages to be released, although the current support packages will soon be unavailable. The current Challenge Alliance Metamorph will end on March 9th Pacific Standard Time, and console owners will have another week.

    If the feedback is good, Challenge League is usually included in the core game. So next week, I hope to understand the future of the Metamorph mechanism. At the same time, if you need to complete any challenges in the current league, do your research. will also continue to bring you the latest news on the Path of Exile. If you need to know in time, you can follow us and Buy POE Currency in our store at a very low price.

    Recall that Grinding Gear Games plans to keep up with the new league every three months in 2020 while working on "Path of Exile 2" and its new seven-act battle, its public beta will begin in late 2020.