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    It’s a funny hobby flight simulation. Most of us start with nothing more than a keyboard and mouse or even a cheap joystick that we bought down at the local game store. For the majority of us this is where we stay. Happy to make a few test landings and takeoffs with our cheapie controllers and have a play around in an action flying game here and there. Having a joystick is considered real enough.

    However for the other minority, once we get our first taste of flight simulation we are hooked and suddenly getting the most realistic gear to improve the immersion and realism of the flight simulator becomes paramount. For others who are pilots in training a flight simulator becomes the best tool to practice learned knowledge for free at home.

    We run out and buy flight yokes, rudder pedals or even a HOTAS controller. Now you might be thinking, I have the controllers down what else can I do to improve realism?

    For those that fly combat sims, than the first recommendation is a TrackIr5. This simple little gadget that you clip onto a hat allows you to track your head movement and replicate that in game. You are able to look around the cockpit as naturally and realistically as though you were in a real one. Why is this important? When you are dog fighting particularly you need to have full visual periphery. Being able to scan the cockpit at all angles to keep track of enemy targets becomes a very important task.

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