Remote Control Cars Give Hours of Fun Even in Winter's Cold Wea

  • Remote control cars aren't seasonal toys that you must put away for those frigid winter months. Just move your RC playtime indoors, and keep on enjoying your hobby no matter what the weather does outside.

    Electric radio control models are your best choice for indoor use. NITROs get too loud, and spew too much exhaust fume, for most people's comfort.

    Going electric only doesn't force much limitation on you though. You only need to take a look at an RC website's "all" remote control cars page to find that you have a huge selection of cars to choose from, not to mention a large variety of sizes.

    In fact you'll spend hours trying to decide which models you want if you don't approach your selection process with a good idea of the style, size, and category of the car you want before you ever look at the vehicles available to you.

    The first step in your decision-making is what style of remote control car you'll look for:

    * Classic cars include mustangs from the 1960s, camaros, challengers, chargers, and barracudas from the 1970s, street rods, coupes, the VW "bug," and hot rods from the 1930s & 1950s. Choose an RC from the past for a bit of nostalgia, or collect your favorites, and create a display cabinet for visual storage when you aren't operating them.

    * Modern day models. No end to your choices here. Lamborghinis, Mercedes, BMWs, Ferraris, Audis, Nissans, Toyotas, Fords, Chevys, Lotus, and Mini-Coopers - the toughest part of this category is deciding which brand name you want.

    * Specialty cars offer police cars, the Dukes of Hazard "General Lee," laser equipped cars for battle, speed racer, the Batmobile, buggies, camera equipped RCs for spy missions, models that operate on any terrain, and stunt cars.

    * Race cars for speed events on ovals, drag strips, and off-road. Pick out your high speed radio control car from the offerings of formula 1s, racing buggies, dragsters, F50s, drift cars, and GTs.

    (A word of advice when selecting the style of your remote control toy. If you're moving your hobby inside, factor in your operating surface when you pick your model out. If your surface is soft carpet you'll want plenty of ground clearance so your vehicle doesn't get stuck.)

    Next pick your category:

    * Do you want an electric RC for quiet running, or a NITRO for super speeds? If you're looking for an indoor toy the likely choice here is an electric RC. As I said above the NITRO models have characteristics that limit their use in enclosed spaces.

    Picking the size of your vehicle is a matter of personal preference, and here again your choices are many. Remote control cars come in a large number of different sizes varying from minis to very big. A 1/16 mustang means that the real car is sixteen times larger than the RC, and that's a reasonable size for operation in your house.

    But if you decide you want a 1/6 size sports RC you'll need an awful large room if you want to play with it indoors.

    Just because the weather turns cold doesn't mean you must hang up your remote control car hobby for the winter. You only need select the RC that suits your radio control playing preferences, and one that also adapts well to indoor operation. is a family owned and operated Remote Control Toys online hobby store began in 2017. It offers various types of rradio-controlled cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and other RC products from the best manufacturers in each category for both adults and kids, that give an awesome experience of operating full size machinery. Remote Control Boats are great for kids learning to use their imagination, and perfect for adults who want to get lost in creative imagination… and possibly take them back to a fun time in their childhood they've gotten away from.