Path of Exile sequel is in preparation

  • After upgrading from action role-playing games (RPGs) to the mainstay of PC games, Path of Exile has officially become a free game. For many players, it has replaced Diablo as the first grimdark monster Rotten Fest Fest Fest, get the sequel.

    Previously announced at New Zealand's ExileCon conference, Path of Exile 2 was originally intended to be a major update to the first game but is now called the full sequel. There is no release date yet, and there is still some way to go. Developer Grinding Gear said players must wait at least until "at least by the end of 2020" beta. It will include a brand new seven-act battle, a new skill POE Currency system, a new level of advantage, and of course a lot of new equipment and other loot.

    Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson explained that for some time, studios hesitated to the sequel because of concerns about splitting the Path of Exile player base, but after version 3.0 if Grinding Gear was plugged in, the battle would be Becomes "too long". Another extension. Well, Path of Exile 2 will be a new campaign with the same ending as Path of Exile 1. Players can choose one of them to play, and both games will receive updates and improvements to the game, including new skills, engine updates, and visual overhauls. Microtransactions will also continue to Path of Exile 2 and the content from previous extensions will be "fully integrated".

    The announcement was made at a time so close to the release time of Diablo IV. POE players were very surprised by this. Although Path of Exile was released very early, some people still think that Path of Exile 2 is an imitation of Diablo IV. But players seem to be very happy with the news, and more players choose to Buy POE Orbs. Before that, no one had expected Path of Exile to be as popular as it has been in the past few years, and now it will become more and more popular.