Path of Exile 2: developers talk about micropayments and auster

  • In an interview with GameSpot, Chris Wilson, developer of Path of Exile 2, talked about various issues about the video game industry, including microtransactions in some games and the austerity faced by many developers. For example, there is a micro-transaction on POE Currency in Path of Exile, which is helpful for players. If you want to get it during Christmas, you can consider IGGM, their website will have a 6% discount.

    When asked about his firm position on austerity, the developer announced the following: "In recent years, we have been actively expanding the scope of our research to enable it to provide a regular 13-week cycle and to be able to work on other projects such as Path of Exile 2 and Mobile Games As we continue to expand our team size, we can work faster on these parallel projects. The main developers of our regular extensions have a good idea of ​​what they will achieve in thirteen weeks unless the extension is designed Some important aspects need to be changed and are usually quite comfortable. "

    As for micro-transactions in the game about POE Items, he explained: "Our philosophy is not to allow micro-transactions to affect the game system. That way, there will be no game design considerations related to it, so you do n’t need to think about how games can be monetized and you can focus on making them interesting business cases. "

    Besides, Blizzard also mentioned that it will include micropayments and cross-transactions. "Diablo 4 will be released as a base game, and as we said, we will expand. We will also have the opportunity to get cosmetics in the game. We are excited about crossover games. There are many technical details and cooperation with first parties Details, but our goal is to achieve cross-play. "