Path of Exile: The most expensive new support package costs 42

  • Path of Exile provides new mechanisms, POE Currency, updates, and more for new challenge alliances every three months without spending a dime. But this does not mean that players cannot provide financial support, and there are countless microtransactions in the game store. Support packages with time content restrictions are particularly exclusive. Although such packages are available in every league, GGG developers provide core support packages every year, valid for 12 months. So at the end of this year, there is now a new series that will replace the old series in 2019.

    Basilisk is the cheapest in the 2020 support package for 53 Euros: you will also receive 550 points for in-game shop consumption (equivalent to 55 Euros), Basilisk armor set, Basilisk helmet, Basilisk ghost Appearance, Basilisk weapon effects, special portrait frames for characters, and digital soundtrack for Path of Exile, including Metamorph-Liga. Crusader Supporter Pack is priced at 88 Euros-contains everything from Basilisk along with other armor, forum titles, weapon effects and more.

    If you just want the exclusive Orion to support package, you have to pay for it: its price is 422 Euros, which not only attracts in-game items, but also signature concept art, game books and more. Includes all the cheaper software packages, for example, five new armor sets.

    If you decide to buy such a package, but you have previously purchased points from the game store, you can count it and deduct it from the package. This is called upgrading and can reach up to 80% of the packaging value. For example, the price of the Basilisk package can be reduced by 10.60 Euros by allowing you to buy points from the establishment of the Metamorph League. If you are looking for a reliable website to buy POE Currency, I suggest you buy it at IGGM. Their website has a 6% discount because of Christmas, which is not available on many trading websites.At