Path of Exile: Conqueror of Atlas is now available on PS4

  • By Grinding Gear Games standards, the power of the conquerors of the newly released Extended Atlas of Path of Exile is immense. In the previous storyline, players will find an ancient primitive force, roaming the world atlas, chasing it to the center of the atlas, if they are skilled enough, they will be defeated and blocked, but specifically how to do it depends on the player's ability.

    In Atlas Conqueror, you will discover the consequences of long-term exposure to insanity, the distorted Atlas world will be negligent, and you will be the last defense against new enemies. It introduces five extremely difficult boss encounters. The insertable Atlas "watch stone" allows you to display the maps that were once hidden and control the difficulty of the maps you challenged. You can get POE Currency and a series of new rewards, if you succeed Conquerors of Atlas, will provide dozens of new challenges for even the best Path of Exile players for hundreds of hours, and at least one hour of confusion for returning players who do not follow the announcement.

    All of them are tied with the Transformers Challenge Alliance. In the Metamorph Challenge League, you can take samples from any monster in Path of Exile and assemble them into powerful boss enemies, and be able to use the skills of the monsters in the samples you use. You can build your boss! The boss you create will transfer the form between all the sampled monsters, making the battle vibrant in gameplay and visuals. If the player dies because the boss is too hard, he can only blame himself! The balance team is finally out of the woods. joke! A balanced team will never get out of trouble.

    Once you reach the atlas, the stronger the enemies you create, the more rewards you will get. If you are lucky, you will even buy some Catalysts, which is also a new type of currency in POE Chaos Orb, which can enhance certain attributes on rings, amulets, and belts.

    We are extremely excited to see how players respond to all new challenges and the challenges they bring to themselves through the Metamorph system. And, as always, all features are 100% free. But if players need POE Items, it is more convenient to buy directly from IGGM.