Path of Exile: Conqueror of the Atlas has arrived

  • Path of Exile 3.9 was released yesterday, with a lot of new content released, including new bosses, large-scale atlas remake, new POE Orbs, and more. If you want to learn more, hurry up and experience this new game.

    Although the Shaper and Elder task lines have been removed, they have shown that you can still access them, although it is unclear how. It has been replaced by a new storyline shown in the 3.9 trailers. Zana tells the story of a past exile who accompanied her to kill the shapers and elders. You will face five new exiled bosses, all of whom face similar endgame difficulties. These new bosses will forego new exclusive rewards, including the Watchtower, which has become the focus of the new atlas.

    About change of 3.9 atlantes. The atlas has been completely revised in an upcoming patch. Right away, you start at the center of the atlas and go out, instead of being outside as before. The map is divided into sections, each of which has an "observation stone" area where you can insert up to four observation stones. Earn stones by defeating the new Atlas leader.

    Observation stones are used to raise the level of a part of the atlas to a higher red map. They also show more maps as they upgrade, changing the atlas from 90 to 155 maps. Although not explicitly discussed, it also implies that you will be able to find a watchdog that will add modifiers to this part of the atlas.

    Zana provides maps influenced by Shaper and Elder, but the Shaper and Elder storylines have been replaced by the new boss storyline, which means that these Shaped or Eldered maps will be the only way to get POE Currency within Shaper or Elder's influence. The synthetic boss maps will now drop as the only map, giving players regular access, not just wanting Zana to provide them.

    About new support POE Orbs. One of the most exciting things about POE3.9 is that they add awake support gem. A total of 35 wake-up support POE Orbs, which is far beyond my expectations at all. These will fall from the new final atlas boss.

    About Metamorph content. Although it may be obscured by all other changes, it also launched a new challenge alliance: Metamorph. In Morph you will find samples of some enemies you killed. These samples will be used to summon a boss who will receive more rewards and possibly other bonuses depending on the strength of the materials used to create him.

    These bosses will also abandon a new type of POE Exalted Orb called Catalyst, which can improve the quality of rings, amulets, and belts. You can also summon endgame bosses by merging the samples you get from the atlas.

    In terms of actually challenging the league content, this is a smaller league, but with the addition of 3.9, there will be plenty of new content anyway. As for the bosses themselves, if the loot is enough for them to cultivate, it will be very interesting to see the metadata turn to the boss killer instead of speeding up the cultivation.