Path of Exile's next update will transform the endgame and let

  • The developer of Path of Exile has just announced a huge extension, and that is the release of a new extension, Path of Exile 2. But until the Path of Exile 2 comes out, this game will continue to bring new updates and temporary alliances to players.

    Path of Exile's 3.9 updates is known as the Conqueror of the Atlas and, among many smaller changes, features a completely reworked endgame. Currently, once players defeat the Battle of Path of Exile, they set out to explore the world atlas. This is a randomly changing size map that players can always challenge. Once the new Atlas Conqueror Extended Edition is released next month, the world atlas will undergo major changes, and greater challenges will emerge at that time.

    The ending of the Path of Exile is extremely complicated and difficult to explain, but the point is that after defeating the original villain of Atlas, the player itself is corrupt and now needs to be put down. To be clear, your role is not the boss, but the conquerors of Atlas will add five new endgame bosses based on the main role category you choose.

    Like any Path of Exile update, there will be dozens of new changes and new POE Currency. One of the biggest bows is a complete bow rework including new skills and polishing damage. Bow and arrow can now be used as a weapon, and features like Ensnarin's Arrow prevent enemies from moving, which will give bow and arrow users more options in battle.

    This update will also introduce an optional new league called Metamorphosis. For starters, these temporary alliances force players to start new roles, provide interesting new systems, and remix core gameplay in interesting ways. In this case, Metamorphosis will introduce a new character called Tane Octavius, who will join you regularly as you play the game.

    Tane will take DNA samples from the monsters you kill, and once you have enough DNA, you can ask Tane to combine them to create your boss battle. Each DNA sample collected by Tane will have different attributes that will change the ability of this new boss, and more powerful samples will increase your chances of getting stronger rewards-assuming you can beat your creator. Of course, if players want to Buy POE Orbs, please choose IGGM, and their website will give you the most satisfactory products and services.