Path of Exile's latest expansion Delirium launches PC version t

  • As a reminder, Delirium, the latest extension of Path of Exile, is now available on PC. Recently, many players are looking for ways to Buy POE Currency. I finally decided to buy on the website. For example, the IGGM website is a good choice.

    This expansion adds deadly new enemies and enlarges existing ones, adding a heavy layer of difficulty to the core battle of Path of Exile. Delirium also introduced Cluster Jewels, which can further deepen character customization and unleash new power.

    You will encounter Deli's mirror in each area. Touching this mirror will turn your reality into a mist and your nightmares will appear before your eyes. In the delusion, existing monsters in the area gain new skills and spawn new Delirium monsters.

    Some key features include:

        Download and play games for free, but never pay
        Deli Challenge League
        New Delirium Cluster Jewels lets you dynamically expand passive skill trees
        Four new skills and three new auxiliary gems, including kinetic darts, a new physical damage wand skill, and Bladeblast, which can detonate blades created by other abilities.
        Thirteen new and unique POE Items, including a set of POE Currency and many new and unique POE Orbs
        Many improvements to the conquerors of the Atlas endgame
        December Metamorph Challenge Alliance has been integrated into core game content

    Want to know more, players can view specific information on the news page of the IGGM official website. Among them is an interview with Managing Director Chris Wilson, in which we delve into each mechanism and how this expansion embodies the core of Path of Exile.