Developers say Path of Exile 2 Beta may be delayed

  • It seems you need to wait for a while to try out the beta version of Path of Exile 2. Developer Grinding Gear Games had previously hoped to deliver it to players later this year, but a slight delay in development meant that this was no longer certain.

    "Our initial estimate was to start some early beta testing at the end of 2020," Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, told PCGamesN. "But we will modify the estimate at the time of the estimate to make sure everything is ready to provide feedback to the community. We believe that driving it out will not benefit anyone!"

    So what is causing the potential delay? Wilson explained that in order to avoid delays, the studio must pull the development team of Path of Exile 2 into the forthcoming "Path of Exile Deli" extension in order to guarantee the use of POE Currency. Normally, GGG outsources some work to agents in Asia, but the New Zealand-based studio has had to adjust due to the continued epidemic of coronavirus.

    Wilson explained: "We outsource the art creation of about 30 full-time developers to various outsourcing agencies in China (because it allows us to dynamically expand and contract our art processes as the needs change)," "After the Spring Festival For safety reasons, artists are required not to return to the office for treatment of the new coronavirus.

    "This caused weeks of delays. Although we reorganized things so as not to affect our current Delirium expansion, it still deviates slightly from our original Path of Exile 2 schedule. Because this is a long-term plan, there is a "Publish it when it's ready" policy, so it's not a big deal for us, we just pay close attention to the timeline.

    In the meantime, you will get a lot of Path of Exile news. The release date of PoE 3.10 is set for next month, and the studio will maintain the regular rhythm of expansion every three months. If you don't have enough POE Items as a player, I suggest you go to IGGM to buy it.