NBA 2K20 adds a 15-year-old non-NBA athlete to its roster

  • From time to time, video games will warm your heart. That's the case with NBA 2K20 and a 15-year-old Make-A-Wish kid from Georgia called William Floyd. William was 18 years old when he fell into heart failure and was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and heart problems. His condition does not allow him to participate in sports like other children of his age, so he has fun in NBA 2K20.

    William was the first non-NBA player to be truly included in the game for his portrait and even some custom dance moves. You can now download him on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. William's in-game player model can be found in "Quick Game" mode. As a free agent, you can join the team of your choice through the MyCareer and MyLeague lists. Of course, you may need the NBA 2K20 MT to support the technology when you play the game yourself.

    NBA 2K (aka Ronnie 2K) digital marketing director Ronnie Singh said: "When we learned that William wanted to visit 2K, the whole team was excited." "It's frustrating to know about his journey, we want to find a way, Fulfilling William's wishes in the best possible way. We haven't thought of a better way than bringing his passion into games and games. It provides the opportunity for millions of NBA 2K fans around the world to enjoy William Player Mode. "

    Wishes come true. William and his family went to 2K headquarters, where his image was scanned into the game like every NBA superstar. 140 motion capture cameras capture his every move, while 146 Pixelgun cameras reproduce his similarities. William explained: "Every player has to perform a dance move or celebration before playing." "So, I got one of them. I have to create it."

    In addition to the heart-warming gestures from 2K, it also brought something to look forward to from William and also helped during William's treatment. After talking to the NBA 2K marketing and video capture team and the development team of Visual Concepts, William is now also eager to pursue a 2K career at an older age. William's mother, Julie, said: "The cool thing is that 2K has high hopes and brought it to a level we never thought possible." I think as an ordinary player, I need some Buy 2K20 MT to make the game more Smooth, you can consider buying at gamems.