NBA 2K20: Is it worth it to get the new Stephen Curry Galaxy Op

  • This is the galactic opal season in NBA 2K20, and the recent entry into the MyTeam market is the Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. When we started to see the most destructive cards, we entered the life of this year's game.

    Adding cards to favorites requires investment in time or game assets, similar to what we have seen from other previously released packages. In order to get a chance at GO Curry, you must purchase a pack or a box of newly released Buzzer Beater sets. The single package price is 7,500 virtual NBA 2K20 MT or 10,500 MyTeam points (MT).

    t is not possible to get 10 and 20 packed virtual boxes using MT, they run 67,500 VC and 135,000 VC respectively. This set also comes with pink diamonds Chris Webber, Drazen Petrovic and diamond Paul Pierce.

    In addition to relying on luck, buying GO Curry in the auction market also costs a penny.

    When this article is published, the card will be over 700,000 tons. Take a look at your lineup to determine if there are valuable cards you can keep. Maybe you can sell and hone your way to get the latest MyTeam gems.

    Curry cards don't have any real weaknesses, and as you might expect, the biggest advantage is shooting with lights out. With a mid-range of 98 and a three-point shooting percentage of 99 (even before the coach or sneaker raise), Curry can immediately compare with the GO Ray Allen card, which has been the benchmark for pure shooting in this mode.

    GO Curry is further differentiated by possession (99), steals (98), perimeter defense (94), offensive and defensive rebounds (70), speed (96) and strength (75). Although the card may not be the best among all the available point guards in this mode in all of these categories, the score is above average in every aspect that indicates a point guard's success.

    If you also think GO Curry is 6'3 "and has 56 badges, including 24 Hall of Fame Shooting Badges, 8 HOF Tournament Badges, and 4 more on defense, including Clamps, then no doubt, at Triple Threat Online and MyTeam Unlimited see a lot of these guys.

    If you buy a cigarette case, then it is definitely worth trying to buy curry. If you have some expendable pink diamonds, then the big sale is not the worst idea. If your 2K20 MT is not enough, I suggest you buy a spare at Gamems to ensure you have a good gaming experience.