The basic thought was to migrate the entire content of Dofus

  • The basic thought was to migrate the entire content of Kamas Dofus Retro Dofus to a brand new engine which would greatly facilitate the work of programmers as well as the relaxation of their Dofus players, while giving a fresh youth to Dofus via graphics improvements, a potential passage to 3D along with a possible abandonment of map-by-map displacements in favour of an open world.If the guarantee is still dreaming, it must nevertheless be known that it is difficult to accomplish. To migrate Dofus below a brand new engine represents years of work and is to re-develop it from A to Z. Years through which Flash Dofus would continue to exist and be fed with articles that the Unity variant should catch up . To put it differently, the more time passes and the porting becomes complex to achieve.

    Following the unexpected success of the Dofus Retro servers started two weeks ago, the CEO of Ankama has invented a solution that could greatly facilitate the development of Dofus Unity but is far from unanimous among Dofus players. The idea is to rely on the Retro version of Dofus, considerably poorer in content and Dofus game mechanics, to create this famous Dofus Unity. So we'd have a recent version of exactly what Dofus was before 2010 that would follow more or less the upgrades the MMORPG has experienced since then, keeping only the ones which have rained and by exposing what is futile and complicated Dofus unnecessarily based on Anthony Roux. A beautiful and fluid Dofus game beneath Unity as may be Krosmaga and Waven, the first two jobs of this studio below this engine, but dependent on the farm with easy mechanics as was Dofus at the moment.

    If this remedy is selected in the end, Dofus two would continue to Buy Dofus Kamas echo exist and be upgraded under flash and Dofus Unity would be a brand new Dofus match and follow his own path, the director of Ankama not wanting to impose a change as radical on these Dofus players as was the passage from 1.29 to 2.0 at the time. If this idea does not appeal to all Dofus gamers, most of whom appreciate Dofus precisely for its richness and sophistication, it is mainly the impossibility of keeping his characters that is disagreement. Indeed, because it would be two distinct Dofus games, it seems plausible that we can't move his characters from one to the other. But abandoning avatars with whom we have spent over ten years is simply inconceivable for a part of the community.