Freedom Land 9/8/14

  • Selma Alabama, 1965.

    A bright, sunny, summer Sunday morning

    and in the distance was this "ain't gona let no body turn me around turn me around".

    They kept moving forward regardless of known terrors that were ahead,

    the vicious dogs,

    the fire hoses and violent men with clubs.

    Envious of their courage, watching from behind the window-sill,

    humbled, I wanted to tell them that not all of us are ignorant, misguided and full of hate. I stood there fixed with unwavering eyes, moved by their determination. They were many. Marching rebels walking side by side with interlocked arms, soon they were out of view but I could still hear their chanting, repeating their declaration over and over tirelessly. "Ain't gona let no body turn me around marching on to freedom land". Words that I find myself reciting silently under my breath whenever life knocks me down.