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  • With the advent of Season 7, things are fortnite weapons becoming fairly dimmed with Fortnite's island. The entire southwest corner of this map was changed to an icy biome, complete with new points of interest and alterations to old ones.Taking across the coastline south of Snobby Shores is this new POI, which is a mini airport which looks as though it was shot right out of some location in Siberia.


    The POI also offers some ziplines, which can be a new feature in the new season. You can imagine the crazy video clips which will come from the one.The cutest addition to the map is this tiny wintry town, featuring a lot of buildings to explore. The tower in the middle of this POI will definitely be a popular landing place, however there are lots of chests and other loot to locate scattered throughout each the structures.


    Season 7's next new POI is its  Fortnite Materials  useful for loot, but it is still a pretty cool area. Polar Peak features some towers together with loot indoors, in addition to a view of the snowy biome that is newest. Polar Peak's surrounding areas possess some cool places to visit. RIP into Greasy Grove. F's from the conversation. There is A favourite landing place under ice hockey, and all that's left is the rooftops of a couple buildings.


    You can divide the rooftops and enter in a number of them for some leftover loot, but the area is totally frozen over differently.Walking over the ice and other regions within the unnamed POI will ship you slipping and sliding, so be careful.This unnamed area shall henceforth be called Zipline City. This place looks like a whole lot of fun.We are going to jump right into specific locations shortly, but first, here's five tips to think about on your descent, no matter where you are aiming.