This beta 2 will alleviate a new acting bold mode

  • In bulk, we bethink that this beta 2 marks the aperture of the boutique (for testing purposes, we are told, with non absolute rates), but acquire to aswell accommodate dozens of new quests and abnormally assorted kinds of high-level dungeons, so for players who acquire already progressed during the beta 1 MapleStory 2 Mesos. We can so try the Harder Adventitious dungeons, abundant stronger than the dungeons Basic Adventitious - we will face the bumps to four players and no best at ten. The Shadow Altar raid, already accessible in Beta 1, is back, but actuality afresh its adversity has been added (designed as a "little alcove akin 30" in beta 1, and adapted to accomplish a arrest for ten players akin 50 in beta 2). Top players (solo at akin 50) will aswell be able to try to survive in specific dungeons swept by 30 alternating after-effects of monsters that will acquire to be pushed aback or even adventitious into "treasure dungeons", labyrinths abounding of accessories and dangers but absolute treasures that we are promised actual attractive.

    This beta 2 will alleviate a new acting bold mode, the Royal Activity Royale, for 50 players who attempt in a bedfast amplitude until the endure survivor and in which it will be accessible to ascend the walls, jump by Aloft obstacles, adumbrate in the bushes or admission the backbone of his actualization by adverse monsters. The players who will try this approach Mushking Royale will win corrective items apart during the absolution of the game For the curious, registrations for this actualization of bankrupt beta are accessible on the official website, at this abode - the developer specifies that it is abortive to re-register as anon as we acquire already registered for beta 1. Invitations will be distributed, including on amusing networks.