Here is How To Download And Play It

  • 'Maple Story' Is Now Live Android And iOS -- Here is How To Download And Play It

    Popular battle royale shot PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has just launched globally on MS2 Mesos cellular devices. Following a short beta period in Canada, the sport is now reside in 123 areas including North America.

    Developed as a collaboration between Maple Story Corp and Chinese video game giant Tencent, the match was initially a Chinese-only release. It's been widely commended as a faithful adaptation of the PC edition of Maple Story, earning it five stars in the Google Play Store.

    You are going to need a persistent online link to perform.

    The game is free-to-play and contains micro-transactions. It is rated 'Teen' due to the violence, even though violence in Maple Story is not quite as graphic as in a number of other titles.

    I am downloading the game as I write this and will give it a shot soon. I've also best of MS2 Mesos been playing the mobile version of Fortnite, a surprisingly very good port of this popular battle royale title.