The Arc Witch isn't a passive build

  • The Arc Witch isn't a passive build. You must be constantly on the move, and in poe goods your toes. You also have to have the ability to keep tabs on the timing of a whole lot of different skills, fans, and other items. If you aren't on top of your cooldowns, you won't be getting the maximum from this construct's rotation.

    When you have your rotation down, the Arc Witch is very simple to perform. Simply approach a pack of garbage mobs, spam Arc till they're dead, then move into another pack, and then rinse and repeat. It is suggested to use Flame Dash on occasion to get an Arcane Surge proc, and utilize Orb of Storms in the center of a bunch of mobs to receive your Elemental Overload proc.

    Though Arc's chaining property makes for some great DPS on trash mobs, do not expect to melt managers quite as fast with an Arc Witch. Also, though you may do a fair bit of tanking on this construct, be aware of clear, one-shot kills out of directors. In general, if you can avoid it avoid it. To tackle managers, consider using Bone Offering in the event that you've got it, shed an Orb of Storms to receive your Elemental Overload, then burn off the boss with Ball Lightning as fast as you're able while keeping an eye out for one-shots.

    If you've made it to the conclusion Path of Exile sport of Path of Exile, you've probably heard of Vault farming. Otherwise, Vault farming has become the most consistent way to make money via mapping. This is because Vault official site drops two divination cards that benefit Exalted Orbs. In this league Vault is incredibly strong, because it was relocated around the Atlas. Now, you can apply seven sextants to it easily. It was bumped up two tiers, so it provides more experience, although that probably won't matter.

    Increased Rarity does not do a lot for us because we don't care that much about Unique items. Thus IQ all the way!