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    Reminder: Draymond Green is still absurdly good What more could Draymond Green have done on Sunday?There’s actually an easy answer to that. With 6:52 left in the fourth quarter, Green stole the ball, sprinted with it down court in traffic, and rose up for a vicious one-handed tomahawk slam ... that bounced off the back iron and into the Trail Blazers’ hands. There’s a flaw from Green’s performance in the 121-109 Game 1 win against Portland.


    It might have been the only one.Even if that’s slight hyperbole, what more could you really have asked from Green on Sunday? Take his line: 19 points, 12 rebounds, nine assists, five blocks, three steals, and 6-of-10 shooting. Two more steals, and he would have recorded the 18th five-by-five — at least five of each of the five major counting stats — in NBA history. (Of the previous 17, the most recent one does belong to Green.) One more assist, and he would have added another triple-double to his ledger.


    For those who ask why Green is still seen as a better nba2k reddit player than, say, Paul George, here’s why. He’s the exact opposite of what we’d expect from a "traditional” superstar, who takes 25 shots per game, often creating them by himself. Instead, he just does everything else on the basketball court, and it’s great.Also, don’t try to dunk on him.