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  • To start with, you will need to select the special mode from the menu at fortnite items the reduced right-hand corner of the screen. In case you could not suss it out, then Infinity Gauntlet is what you're searching for. It is a solo mode, because Thanos isn't actually the squadding type.

    With the match selected, things are going to start basically like any other game, so just pick a place, drop down, and loot up. Whether or not you will become Thanos in the beginning of the game largely comes down to luck: the Infinity Gauntlet will fall down someplace on the map, and whoever is nearby will probably go catch it. It shows up on both the map and radar, so expect a fight if you are near it. Whoever picks up the Gauntlet transforms into the Mad Titan: huge, tough, and powerful.

    If you are not Thanos at that point, guess what you've got to do? Kill Thanos. Like the Gauntlet prior to him, Thanos seems on both the radar and map, so that he will not be all that hard to find. He is also bigger than a standard player, so it is a bit simpler for the aiming-impaired to have a shot at him. Still, do not expect to reside. He has a typical punch, a beam that fires from his gauntlet, along with the ability to jump in the air and slam down using a crackling blue impact. He can also hover up there and fire laser he's surprisingly nimble for a such a massive monster.

    A tip: when there are different players around Thanos, do not kill them. The Epic Games

    main issue is to find a shot at catching that Gauntlet, which drops following Thanos drops.