There's less incentive to fix a match

  • "The risk is sitting all with the operators on this," said Smith, who has been in talks with FIFA Mobile Coins EA about introducing integrity programs and education for players.But, he adds, soccer games represent only around three percent of the esports market."


    There's less incentive to fix a match because the match is small," Smith says. "If FIFA takes off as an esport then of course integrity is going to become an issue."Performance-enhancing substances could also become an issue, with players not currently tested."I know that in other esports people take some drugs to boost their concentration.


    Al-Meghessib's Brazilian teammate, Rafael Fortes, says.Preserving the integrity of virtual soccer is particularly important for the governing body since the game is the one part of the FIFA brand yet to be infected by corruption scandals. FIFA is cautious but not immediately troubled by the prospect of video gamers trying to cheat like real footballers."We are keeping an eye on it," Pathy says. "It FIFA reddit could come with challenges in the future. But we feel by being close to our players, their agents and the clubs we are minimizing this risk.


    "Those players are helping to dispel a stereotype, articulated by Gullit, that gaming is about "geeks at home." For youngsters, the professional gamers who master strategy, formations and tactics on consoles are becoming heroes like professionals on the pitch as they grow social media followings."Take my son as an example," Pathy says. "He knows more about football through playing the EA FIFA game than actually watching on TV."