The Chelsea man’s beard and 4MS2

  • The Chelsea man’s beard and face are both impressive, but we think PES has recreated his 4MS2 furrowed brow quite nicely. Antoine Griezmann hair and facial expressions look good in both games, another tough choiceAnother tough choice is between PES and FIFA’s version of Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann.


    His face and hair look good, and both games have captured his thumb-based goal celebration. However, the addition of his headband means FIFA wins this round. It must be a tough job to recreate Gareth Bale's hair in video game form, but PES has done wellLast but not least on the list is Gareth.


    Bale, and luckily he has plenty of distinctive features with which both games can try and show off their graphical prowess. This year, we think PES has done a better job of the Welshman’s face and luscious locks.So, if you’ve been keeping score, that makes it 6-4 to FIFA in this particular match-up.


    It’s a closely fought contest though, and there are hundreds more players we could compare. From cheap Maplestory Mesos what we’ve seen, FIFA has the better facial features, but PES is not far behind. Perhaps next year will have a different result.PES 2018 is out now, and the Legendary Edition grants you extra bonuses in MyClub Mode, including Usain Bolt as an Agent.