What is state exam for students in Germany?


    It must be interesting for foreign students what state exam is for students in Germany. State exam consists of those items, which enables the study of German graduates to work in public institutions of Germany (as a teacher, judge) or institutions controlled by the state (doctors, lawyers, pharmacists).


    The state or the separate federal states determine the order of the exam. The structure of the examination commission includes representatives of the State Department of exam questions university professors. Typically, the state exam is divided into two parts (the first and second state examination) held at various times, and between them is practical training.


    In fact, students can take the state exam and as foreigners. But they should check that they can then work with a degree in their homeland. If students do not come from EU states, it is difficult to find a work at German public institutions or institutions controlled by the state. It can be only in rare cases and with special permission from the competent land services. For foreign students studying law, some universities offer master's program of study, where they have to prepare their bestessaywritings to get a degree of master.