Nuances of residence of students in Canada



    Many foreign students that are going to study in Canada should know about some nuances of residence there.


    Living expenses are directly dependent on the type of home and region. At first, most students prefer to live in the Canadian family - as soon as possible to adapt to a new country and culture and get more practice with language. The student lives in a separate room in the apartment or house with his family. After adaptation student, students can look for an apartment or move into a hostel. The family usually provides two or three meals. Average price is 800-900 Canadian dollars a month. Most students, of course, believe that it is better to live in a dormitory.


     In Canada, the housing of the institution is not necessarily a hostel in the usual sense. In colleges and universities in Canada are different types of housing - huge dormitory rooms with a few people and a small residence with twin rooms and even individual houses. In hostels and residences often food is not available, but it is always possible to go to the coffee shop. It is so easy like buy essays online canada. Also called common diet plans when the student chooses in advance how many times a week he would eat and pay for the food for a semester or a year in advance. It should be noted that the hostel should bring their own a lot of household items - bedding, clothes, towels, pillows and blankets, and more. Detailed lists of necessary items published on the hostel. Seats may be limited, so submit a request is made in advance. Cost varies 800-1200 CAD per month in Vancouver, 1000-1600 CAD per month in Toronto.


     Students, of course, prefer to own an apartment shoot. It can cost quite differently, as you can live alone or share an apartment with other students. The most expensive housing is in Toronto and Vancouver (apartment with two bedrooms can cost 1500-2000 CAD per month), and much cheaper is in small towns in the rest of Canada (400-600 CAD per month). On average, taking into account the costs of travel, accommodation and meals, each student must rely on the 1000-1200 Canadian dollars a month.