Bully 03/08/2012

  • My sanity is not lacking without your psychopathic influence.

    Picture yourself in my place, in my shoes,

    and if you cant allow me to inflict some pain on you.

    But I wont.

    So the abuse continues.

    Monday, fagot

    Tuesday, whore, queer.

    Queer, that's what you are right asked the tyrant? Right!

    Subdued and bewildered I nodded in agreement.

    Oh Friday why are you so far away.

    Minutes feel like hours.

    Rather than fight back against the enemy the fight is within myself.

    They are sharks and my blood is aromatic.

    At home the torture plays over and over in my head.

    My heart pounds faster and harder with every thought of this abuse.

    I am afraid.

    The anticipation of the next day promotes anxiety that causes me to be unable to sleep.

    The walk to the bus stop weighs on me as if I carry a crucifix on my back.

    Each bus ride is one of a trip to a gestapo ghetto where I  am to be enslaved.

    Then the arrival to school marks the beginning of my walk into hades, where the beast lays.

    The dragon and it's demons thirsting and aching to eat my flesh and salt my wounds.

    Each day feels like an eternity.

    It is exhausting.

    I want it to end.

    It will end.



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    Nia Moone This should be posted all school bulletin boards. :)
    September 6, 2015