Unfaithful 03/12/12

  • My heart is drowning.

    Many Lives have suffered more severe atrocities but yet heartbreak is agonizing non the less.

    You see what makes it so painful is that you took it all away from me.

    The bold wet gleaming eyes that saw me,

    those which convinced me without an utter of sound that I am secure with you.

    You loved her with those hands which have known me,

    those which comforted me,

    those which have journeyed and discovered the sands of my soul.

    You used to excite me like a child with sweets,

    i enjoyed the spontaneous ways you crept in my mind unannounced,

    the pleasure of seeing you would make my heart skip a beat.

    I am suffocating.

    Oh you gave it all away.

    Your lips joined with hers and wrestled for the attention of a lover,

    pushing, and pulling softly convincing them that hers are better than mine.

    The invisible solidarity which was us, has died.

    That is why I mourn for we shall never be.

    you have become nothing to me but a wound in my chest.

    Behind every scar is a tale, no matter how insignificant.

    I will not dwell in sorrow for with every tomorrow my wound heals.

    My scar shall mask the pain,

    This is my burden to bare.

    So what do you have to say standing there with your foolish glare,

    gazing at me with your shameful stare as if I am a vicious bear.

    Do you even care?