Misled April 18th 2014

  • Can't fight this feeling that is coming over me,

    the glance from across the room undressing me,

    who does that man want me to be,

    provoking mystery casually,

    a mistress, a maid or maybe a queen,

    it is interesting how he can't seem to see that I am a married woman

    committed as can be, but I will allow him to dream a young mans fantasy

    and plant a seductive seed that is ocean deep.

    I allowed him to take it all in,

    the bouncing hair, the rolling lips, the curvy hips, skin soft and fair.

    Then he stands and confidently moves my way unsuspecting that today just isn't his day.

    The closer he gets the more nervous I become,

    what have I done.

    He leans against the bar and faces me,

    calling with a stern yet subtle voice "excuse me",

    with a smile rising on my face I turn.

    Repeating his words again "excuse me, two drinks for the ladies at the table in the corner".