Dark 4/8/2014

  • You hateful son of a bitch,

    you disgust me,

    stabbing and stabbing and stabbing with your words.

    Wounds deeper than oil wells,

    pain masked with a smile, you vile dog of a man.

    Rolling my life around as if a game of dice.

    You bastard!

    You will get a taste of your own bitter medicine.

    I will be at the receiving end of your blows no more.

    No more shall I be your victim.

    I will be no ones victim, no mans victim. Never.

    Loves bitter taste has taken refuge in my heart.

    I will fear no more.

    You will burn and I will spit on your ashes,

    make a fortress of your bones and make it known that I am a victim no more.

    Thank you for the gift of rage.

    Thank you for the scars and broken bones,

    the concussions and depression because now, it is all on you.

    After all it is you who made me realize I have nothing to lose.