Purple Dress Feeling Blue

  • Her eyes met mine and there it was
    a sign of vulnerability,
    her lips uttered words that echoed her desire,
    She exhaled all her fears and woes,
    they poured and poured until it was
    time for class. So we said our goodbyes,
    but as the clicking and clacking of her shoes grew distant I felt compelled
    to go with her, I hurried with the quickness of a cheeta, when I arrived
    she smiled as if her prayer was answered, we walked and talked some
    more. I felt a connection to this woman. Her frustrationa and anguish became
    mine. If only life were a fairy tale where I would sweep this beauty off
    her feet. We reached the end of the raod but it seemed this
    was just the begnining of something new and good. So as signals
    of the end became appearant, she all so slowly inched forward
    I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her,
    and there it was. It was not lust nor love but rather a feeling of joy.
    A comfort, a feeling of hope that everything will be ok.