Fallen 2/24/2014

  • Falling from the heaven in his eyes,

    Truth revealed from the broken seal,

    Troubled past is history,

    It doesn't make me,

    Growth out of the battle,

    The poor, negative, statistical cycle,

    Holy angel over my shoulder still not committed to the bible,

    Imperfection is human, perfection is Gods,

    This is the resurrection,

    Mental reconstruction,

    Ignorance is bliss so I chose the path less traveled by,

    Honesty never needs an alibi 

    Standing tall, righteous and intellectual,

    This is reality, mind, body and spiritual

    I abide by an oath to be better,

    Never seize to grow,

    Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,

    Falling from the heaven in his eyes,

    Where my sunshine fades away and blue skies turn grey,

    Lost in the stampede of strife

    Floating like a feather through spontaneous skies

    Driving on this uncertain road called life, 

    soaring through its storms,

    Navigating its turns, learning to read the signs