Mirage April 27th 2014

  • Have you ever wondered whether there has been another woman in your bed,

    the thought that keeps you up like a thorn in your head.

    This idea that causes distance between you and your man,

    saying "I love you" with resistance in your tongue.

    The thought that makes you so angry it stops air from entering your lungs.

    Is she in my bed now? you ask yourself as the work day goes by.

    Is she taking a bite out of the apple of my eye.

    Trying to play detective but find no trace of the phantom whore,

    paranoid you gather all the evidence you think you find but nothing adds up so its seems you are loosing your mind.

    Crumbling under the weight you find every excuse to hold him tight,

    but every second together seems to lead to a fight.

    Now it's come to this, hiding behind your own fence,

    watching, hopping he was honest in his defense.

    Waiting and waiting for hours patiently praying that you are wrong.

    But as the clock struck 12,

    finally the truth is  revealed.

    Standing outside your window you watch her take the last bite,

    falling to the ground you have nothing left in you to fight.

    The seeds of hope fall hopelessly to the ground,

    so is the end when it all falls down.

    ~ By James Takyi