Perspective 9/20/14

  • One country wants be socially superior over another and declares war, many innocent people die, that's bullying.



    At the work place a manager or supervisor antagonizes and treats a subordinate badly, that's bullying.



    In the home a spouse consistently beats, abuses or uses vulgarity towards his or her companion and children, that's bullying.



    Yet somehow when children bully and engage in psychological and physical warfare against one another we are appalled and surprised. We are judgmental when a child takes his or her life because they lacked a good support system and could not bear to live in such terror.



    Stop and smell the roses ladies and gentlemen because the truth is these developing minds are exhibiting these behaviors based of the input they get from the environment they live in. The environment they are constantly exposed to.



    It is said that a baby snake is more dangerous because they have yet learned to control their use of venom. So when it bites it over injects its prey.



    In the Liberian, Sierra Leone怀war children were recruited, traumatized, drugged and brain washed to kill. This model of war fare goes on all around the world. Why? Because these developing minds are easy to break and once you have them where you want them, they will bite and over inject the prey.




    In the words of Les Brown "if you want to keep getting what you are getting, then keep doing what you are doing".



    No, no no this can't be our future. I believe most people want a better tomorrow for the children of this world.



    How do we start to change the world?



    First is education:


    We change the world by first changing ourselves and it begins with consistently and constantly maturing our minds with positive education. Positive education in what we listen to, what we watch and being mindful of what comes out of our mouth because it reflects what's on our minds. Not only do others around us hear it but we ourselves also hear it.



    Second is application:


    "Knowing is not enough we must do". Have integrity and do when no one is looking. Don't just do when it's easy. We must do especially when times are tough and life is kicking you where it's.




    Third is to be around like minded people:



    As the saying goes birds of a feather flock together. Those who are around you will influence your habits and sure enough yours will influence theirs.


    There is an old African proverb that explains that one stick is broken easily but you don't break a bunch of sticks combined together. Not with the same effort at least.



    Third and last is self-forgiveness:



    Sometime we strive for something and we fail and because we give up. Well Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was the ford model T, the airplane or the iphone. Failing does not make one a failure but rather it is a means by which we learn, which will lead us to success through constant experimentation and consistent action.


    We can change the world and create a better tomorrow for the children of this world. Its possible.


     ~ By James Takyi